Great Tips For Getting On American Idol

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American Idol features America's best young vocal talent and consistently delivers top-quality performances to viewers around the world. However, there's no denying that viewers also like to focus on special train-wrecks on American Idol such as William Hung. Thus the following advice for getting on American Idol is divided into halves, depending on whether you want to catch airtime on American Idol for talent or...something else.

American Idol Talent

1. You must become familiar with a wide variety of different song types to get on American Idol. The show asks its contestants to move between different genres. Make a song your own; jazz up a country song or vice versa.

2. Spend as much time performing on stage as possible. Practice a cappella as much as you can, because there won't be accompaniments when you audition for American Idol.

3. Make sure your voice is healthy; don't abuse or misuse it during an ambition.

4. This might seem simple, but it bears repeating: understand your song and feel the lyrics. You must make sure you pick a song that you can infuse with your passion and energy.

5. Don't make the mistake of imitating Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey. Be yourself. The scouts want to hear someone fresh and unique, and so do television viewers.

American Idol Train-wreck

1 Give the judges an attitude if they tell you that you're horrible. Refuse any constructive criticism they give you and remain oblivious to any hints that you should keep your day job.

2. Have a good story. If you have a good story behind your audition, you might be able to get some airtime. Remember that girl who pawned her wedding ring to come to the audition? Although she was cut from the show, she was featured on magazines, entertainment shows, and was covered by news stories for ongoing developments involving people who bought her new wedding rings.

3. Find some gimmick or gag that will get you noticed. In one season, a scooter girl from New York actually arrived at her audition via scooter. One girl got airtime for singing scat-style and ending with a loud scream. Scat girl actually earned airtime on several commercials. Sinatra-style performers also got decent airtime, making it through finals in LA. The lesson: if you're not afraid to embarrass yourself, you can get noticed on American Idol fairly easily.

4. Flub the lyrics. Often the shows will have montages dedicated to singers who flub the lyrics.

5. Bring stage mothers. Stage mothers can cause a lot of ruckus within auditions, raging and crying and scr


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Great Tips For Getting On American Idol

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This article was published on 2010/12/06