American Idol: The final two is set...and viewers aren't happy

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American Idol season 6 has showcased 24 semifinalists, some oozing with potential, while some arguably capable of carrying a tune. After weeks of eliminations, it comes down to two – Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis!

For Sparks, her position in the talent competition can be considered as more stable compared to Lewis. In fact, when Lewis’ name was announced for the final two, some audience members have booed him, which was quite embarrassing for the 25-year old native of Bothell, Washington.

Clearly, many were not happy to see Melinda Doolittle go home. But if you ponder about it, the results of the final two are not too surprising. Votes have been generally split between two seemingly categories, one of which roots for fashionable guys who basically arrange their own songs, while the other prefers the more classical tone. The former obviously indicates votes for Lewis, while the latter, indicates votes between Doolittle and Jordin.

Of course, Jordin acquired majority of the votes, which earned her a spot in the final two.

Throughout the competition, Lewis has performed relatively well except for week nine in which he was part of the bottom three. But other than that, he has showed much promise with his glitzy, contemporary and somewhat grungy style. But is that enough to defeat the Sparks? The 17-year old native of New York has won numerous singing competitions prior to her inclusion on American Idol. On American Idol, she has illustrated her potential and has proved her worth by being consistently safe throughout the competition and has been part of the top three during week 7.

With a poles apart presence and singing style, both Sparks and Lewis individually have their own solid following by now. Given this, it will be quite difficult to predict who would be hailed the next American Idol.
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American Idol: The final two is set...and viewers aren't happy

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This article was published on 2010/01/23